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A few years ago, one of customers shared with us his need to combine a site map with his audio guide.
We decide to fulfil his request by looking for inspiration in the infancy educational field where creativity encounters practicality in order to provide playful and instructive experiences.
And that is how we came up with the Audiopen. An interactive and innovative concept which can be placed in a large variety of tours, inside as well as outside. It is adapted to all audiences, adults, families, children and be can used for edutainment tours including quizzes or games.
Discover how it works!
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« playfull »

audioguide audiopen
audioguide audiopen

"talking pen"

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Quizzes, games

audioguide audiopen
to use

Point & listen

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when combined
with a map

audioguide audiopen

No screen or keyboard

audioguide audiopen

Museums, castles, citytours

audioguide audiopen
The Audiopen
visitor experience
audioguide audiopen
A fun and innovative way to promote cultural heritage
  • Cheaper than a traditional audio guide, the Audiopen is a cost-effective device with low maintenance costs.
  • The Audiopen can be paired with a large variety of printed media: maps (museums, churches, gardens, cities), boards, labels, stickers, brochures...
  • This multi-functionality encourages creative and innovative tours: treasure hunt, quizzes or city tours....
  • The Audiopen is more commonly paired with a map presenting numerous points of interest such as shops, restaurants, transport... It thus offers the possibility of implementing promotional techniques such as couponing.
  • Hence the Audiopen concept may be used to connect several points of interest (in the same city for example) in order to create a cultural network system.
audioguide audiopen


  • Optical reading Audioguide
  • Memory : 2 to 4Go
  • Audio : Mp3
  • Sound : speaker or headphones
  • Autonomy : 10h
  • Charging time : less than 2H (0 à 100%)
audioguide audiopen
  • Attachement for the wrist strap
  • Adjustable charging rack of 30 slots
  • Interacts with printed documents (cartels, boards, brochures, maps, etc.)
  • Compatible with hearing aids

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